Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brigham Nye the Science Guy

Well the semester is almost over and brigham is starting to really get into the hard stuff. they just started learning about optic fibers,(don't ask me..i have no idea) and so everyday they have to wear these spiffy little numbers in class. Well, i finally realized i do listen to what my mom says-"marry a nerd, because they will never leave you and you'll always have money." i'm not exactly sure when that money part comes in but oh are we looking forward to it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

mine's cuter

i wish i had a fun life to capture and post about but i don't so just be jealous that this cute little girl with the black eye isn't your niece.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i suck at this

With summer coming to a close, school starting, and life starting to get busy i thought i should probably blog about the past couple months before it gets too crazy. Summer has treated our little Orton family well. Brigham took summer school and thankfully passed and I worked at the daycare, spending my days taking kids to the park, movies on tuesday and swimming at the pool. We moved into our adorable new house that we finally got settled into and have spent time with family and friends.
We spent the fourth of July weekend in Oregon for Brig's family reunion and had so much fun meeting new family and hanging out. Truthfully, i was really nervous to go because i didn't know anyone and Brigham hadn't been in forever. We bought a tent at a yard sale..our first tent for $5 and headed out on the eight hour drive. It was my first time to Oregon and it is gorgeous. The only thing i didn't like was having someone pump our gas for us. How much do you tip a guy who slip your card for you and pressed a button? Anyway, the weekend was great and it was nice spending time with Brig's parents and brother Gerrit. We were so excited to use our new tent and when we finally set it up, realized that it's a little too small and so after the Nichols family reunion realized we needed to be in the market for a new one., but all in all, a good trip.
We also got to go to California for the Nichols reunion and Stacie and Zachs wedding. We had so much fun hanging out at the beach, swimming and visiting family. Brigham thought he would get a wetsuit to surf with, but when surfing plans fell out, decided he would just swim in his new suit. My dad told him they are pretty hard to get into, but Brigham had to idea just how difficult it was. After almost a half hour of trying to squeeze into it he gave up and so Logan tried to get it on. Three plastic sacks later the wet suit was on and Brigham's wet suit was no longer his. (of course i took pictures of all of this, how could i miss logan prancing like a girl in a wet suit, but they are all on my parents computer so pics to come later)
On Friday my parents took us to Knottsberry farm with the some of our family and we spent the day riding roller coasters and watching gay magic shows. (sorry krista...they really were) After a couple of really scary rides...i decided that maybe i wasn't such a friend of rides and chickened out on a couple. Brigham of course rode every ride and with no emotion in his face whatsoever says he enjoyed it. As i screamed bloody murder, he just smiled or looked on. Mason and Logan decided to try and scare my mom on every ride and try and jump out of their seats.
Saturday was the wedding and Brigham and i got to go back to the same sealing room that we were sealed in. It was so amzing to go back and remember how we felt that day seven months ago. (it has gone by so fast!) Stacie looked gorgeous and their reception was amazing.
Finally we had to make the trek home, back to work, back to life..but we are looking forward to this school semester and being closer to graduation. It was so fun to see family and friends and can't wait to see everyone again soon!
(and hopefully i can be better at this and maybe learn to use my camera more often)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i said i loved you, but i lied

In a day where music consists of lyrics about Poker Faces and Kissing Girls and singers who have no talent whatsoever, I have to say that one thing i am so grateful to my parents for is my taste in music. Not so much now, but back in the day, music was on all the time in our house, but not just any music...this was GOOD music. Music from people like Wilson Philips, Boyz to Men, Toni Braxton and my all time favorite, Michael Bolton. I don't know if it's the hair or the way he sings...but i LOVE this guy. Many won't agree, maybe because of the hair or the way he sings, but listen to his songs once more and i assure you that your hearts will be changed. Lately, i can't help but put in his music and remember our old house and dancing to "When a man loves a Woman, and Time Love and Tenderness" Go now..listen and indulge in some good music.

Some of My Top favorite Artists and their Best Songs(in no particular order)
1. Mariah Carey- Fantasy
2. TLC- Creep
3. Boyz to Men- End of the Road
4. Wilson Philips-release Me
5. Ace of Base- don't turn around
6. Tupac- changes AND Keep Ya head up
7. Donna Lewis- I'll Love you always forever
8. Bone thugs N Harmony- Crossroads
9. Whitney Houston-I will always love you
10. cranberries- dreams

oh there's millions more..but these are just some i thought of..if you know any good ones let me know!

Happy Birthday Candice

Happy birthday to my partner in crime (gay much?) Seriously though...i don't think i would have made it this far without you and although that's not saying much seeing how we are doomed to live in hell least we'll look better than everyone else and know why everyone is there faster than everyone else. So Happy Birthday to you, can't wait to see you and good luck on Jeopardy!!!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!! love you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A penny for your thoughts

My Mom Always says "watch your pennies and the dollar will take care of themselves" Someone should mention this to our Jcrew clad president.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

Happy Mothers day to all the moms in my life! I feel so blessed to have so many women who are just perfect examples of motherhood.

to my mother in law Jaymee- Thank you so much for raising my amazing husband. He is such a hard worker, he is patient and kind and loving. I know he gets this from you and the way you have raised him. Its so amazing to see the way your boys treat you. They worship you and in return are so kind and sweet to their wives. Thank you so much for all you do, for your love and support and your Wednesday night hang outs. It has made moving away from my own mom a little easier to bear.

To My Grandma Urmston- thank you so much for always being there for me. I can't express my gratitude for all you've done for me. I have been on so many trips with you and i miss the days when we sang Ragtime and Grease in your car and blueberry muffins with crumble topping. Your testimony has always been such a blessing and example in my life and I am so excited for you to come home.

Grandma Stumbaugh- I am so grateful for the time i had to spend with you. You are an amazing woman and i will forever miss your smile and kindness. It's so true when uncle peter says he would trade a million bucks for a five. those meant so much and i cannot believe how you could remember everyones names let alone birthdays. You are so missed, but the example you set for your family and the choices you made will let us be together forever. Thank you.
grandma Nichols- i will never forget the time when we weeded the garden for three hours because thats how long "Gone with the Wind" was and we wanted to watch it. You have always been an example of hard work and I'm grateful for all you do. for all the Genealogy and the trips back and forth all over the country to spend time with all your grandchildren.

To my sister- nicole, you are the most amazing mom. You are so patient and you have the have the most beautiful children in the world. You are amazingly gorgeous and smart and kind. i hope one day i can be close to the mom that you are.

To My Beautiful Mom- Words cannot express the love i have for you. I cannot believe how much i lucked out. you are the smartest, most patient, funny, talented person i know. You have seven beautiful kids(who all have great self confidence) and have always been there for every single one of us. Thank you for all the times you listened to me, for all the late night talks, for the drives and for the time you spent with me. You are such an example to everyone around you and especially to your kids. it's so hard not to be able to hang out with you all the time, but i know your just a phone call away. Thank you for everything mom, thank you for supporting me, thank you for teaching me, thank you for loving me. I love you. I'm sorry I'm not there to ruin crepes and give baking powder instead of powdered Sugar, but the song below reminded me so much of us so hope you like it. Happy Mothers Day!!

There are so many other mothers in my life that i am so grateful for. All of my aunts and cousins and friends, you are all such amazing examples of beautiful women and mothers. I hope i can be amazing moms like you one day. I hope you have an amazing day. There are so many people that look up to you and love you.

Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Schools out for the Summa'

Well...he did it. Brig passed all his classes this semester and we couldn't be more relieved. Last semester with the wedding plans and everything it got a little chaotic and he was racing to get stuff done during finals. He got great grades and we were excited for next semester when things would be calmer. Yeah right. This semester was dang hard for him and he stayed after school almost everyday and said this was the hardest semester so far. He did some pretty cool things, like build his own radio and make a digital countdown clock. I had no idea what he was talking about when he explained physics to me and one day came home with his theory on blackholes...(my eyes just glazed over while he tried to make me understand..didn't work) But it's all over now and he has two weeks of vacation before going back to summer school. He is not very pleased with this, but i promised him vacations this summer so he won't be too miserable.

We both are working at restaurants right now, so we kind of have a little competition on the weekends to see who can bring home the most tips. all in good fun, but the urmston in me gets way upset when he wins and he tries to tell me that he'll give me some of his money so we tie. This reminded me of the time when we played the chocolate bar game with his family. The one where you have socks on your hands and eat a piece of chocolate bar before someone rolls sixes or something. Well, we played with his family and brig for the life of him could not get a piece. Well his mom decided to deliberately not roll the right numbers so he could get a piece(the difference between his family and mine) I was so mad that he didn't play right and still got a piece of chocolate. Insignificant i know, but if you have a competitive streak in you, like every Urmston, you know why i was mad. Tonight in Pocatello, we have Idaho State Graduation and Prom for three high schools, so we will who does better. (Probably him, but a girl can dream)
Also on Monday starts my new job as the head of the preschool curriculum at A Beautiful Child in Pocatello. I'm way excited both for teaching again and not having to work graveyard shift anymore. I need some sun in my life. so if anyone has any ideas on how to run a preschool let me know. Especially songs that you know or have made would help a ton!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Idaho-Life in its Simplest Form

well, not much happening here in Pocatello. Brigham and i spent the week in Blackfoot because his mom was gone and so we stayed to keep his grandma company and watch their adorable puppy Chloe. It was fun to spend time with his grandma and see all the old pictures of brig's mom and family. Also got my fill of fox news for the year. funny though, almost a whole week was spent there and we feel no need for a dog..cable yes..but not a dog. Interesting.

Easter was way fun. Brigham and i got to make dinner and it turned out amazing. I was way impressed with his pineapple ham was good. Also after a week of begging my cousin Ellie to steal a scotcharoo from her mom and having to do a pedicure in a campsite to get a bite of one(this was whole week ordeal with my whole family trying to get her to give one to us. I don't know if we really even wanted one..just wanted to see if she would ever get us one...ok we wanted them) I finally just made them. But alas, not as good as aunt Jaime's. I'm sure the special ingredient of love had something to do with them and how at Leo Carrillo everything tastes amazing, even with a little bit of sand. But easter was good and Brig (and i) got the third season of Arrested Development, props to Candice for finding the best show ever on sale. got to love target. we are way sad the shows over, but Lost will pull us through.

I also got to go see a play with my friend Stephani last night called, "power in his Touch." It was about the life of Christ, tied in with the whole story of the woman in the temple. you know the line, "ye who are free of sin shall cast the first stone." It was interesting to see her whole story and the music was so good. Also super nice to have friends in this new place! Thanks Steph!

Well, Brig is almost done with this semester, about two weeks to go and he is doing great! He says it's really hard, but he is so good at doing all his homework and studying for tests(so not like his wife) He has the great opportunity to go to summer school this semester(hoping he will read this and feel that way:)) and then after that, just two more semesters until graduation! Crazy, but it will be interesting to see where we will be.

Lot's of summer reunions this summer, so hopefully we will see you all soon, but between both sides of my family and brigham's family reunion, we will see what happens. Busy summer, busy lives, but we love it. Love you all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh the joys of sisterhood. the above title...although not the jaw dropping heading my sister challenged me too, is the name that shows up when my partner in crime(leo carrillo wedding anyone??) sister calls. It used to read something much worse which i am afraid to write due to family members that read this, but lets just say it rivals any she can come up with ( i know unfair right..if you really want to know..message me) but one day she called and my mom saw and flipped and told me "i had to change it right away" thus the new phonebook name and title "momsaysihaveto." while thinking of all the shocking headers i could put i found myself laughing at all the things my sister and i have done, said, and been ashamed of together. She taught me so many things growing up like how to use words correctly..look up the meaning of "peruse" people, to love books, especially ones that include claudia, stacey and other babysitters, to always be beautiful and to always enjoy a good gossip fest. (seriously...there is nothing wrong with it, don't hate) i miss her tons and was so glad to spend a whole week with her and the rest of my family. She's the most gorgeous person i have ever met. she's so incredibly smart and talented and strong. I admire her so much and although I know she sometimes gets annoyed with the calls i make late at night and all the "loves of my life" i had to tell her in detail about, i know she's always their to lend a listening ear and sometimes when my mom has her back turned..a middle finger to set me straight.

your real A sister for life

Thursday, March 12, 2009 Udaho

thank you urban outfitters for that classy t-shirt saying. Well a little update on our little life. Marriage is great...they say the first year is the hardest and twice as hard if you are pregnant. Thank the lord I'm not. Despite getting used to living together and having to deal with fun newly wed changes such as not touching some one's feet when they are sleeping and learning to cook for someone who's favorite dinner is Hamburger Helper (really?? because I've never had hamburger helper in my life) it's great. We are having lots of fun and i find new things about him every day that i have come to love. Brigham is doing AMAZING is school, which makes both of our lives easier. We are totally different students though. He always seems to have homework and i try to tell him to do your homework in the next class and that classes homework in the class after that, but apparently some people actually listen to college professors. Guess i better jump on that boat (which I'm trying to do asap!) We live in a (insert adjective here)apartment/house/triplex that we are still getting used to since we only have five minutes of hot water per shower and as my dad so kindly put it "anyone who is taller than me is going to have a hard time on that toilet" (you have to sit to the side) but i know it will be great memories, but for now i long for a steaming shower. Especially since it's STILL snowing. come on mother nature...pretty sure we were supposed to have spring three weeks ago. The Idahoans say it gets soooooo hot in the summer(please...90 is not hot) but i also freeze at 60 so there we go. Other than that...despite all my complaining I love being married to Mr. Brigham, but i still sometimes wake up feeling like i am supposed to be back in salt lake and on my way to Challenger. It's funny, but sometimes unnerving. And although i love it here..i cannot WAIT to go to California in two weeks for Leo Carrillo. Brigham is sooo mad that he can't go, but i promised him i would call him every night and let him know how much sun i got. (Hopefully that doesn't jinx me and it rains the whole time) but even if it does, i still will be breathing that Malibu air and i cannot wait!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks for calling DirectTV, How can i help you?

Pocatello is currently 28 degrees, Snow is on the ground and I have finished one week of training for CONVERGYS. Why someone invented call centers...i don't know. I hate calling those places because the people are retarded and it takes years to get through. Now..because of the current economic slummpage, I get to be one of the ever so friendly and helpful customer service representatives. I used to think..they could never pay me enough to do that..well, bite my tongue and since no one else is paying ANYTHING..I am working for Convergys who is hired by DirecTV and get to help people sign up for DirecTV, billing questions, order PPV, and every so often enjoy the ranting and raving of the human being at it's finest. I feel lucky to have a job, because it is so hard to find one here, but the people that work there are definitely not the cream of the crop. I try hard just to sit through the training without getting noticed and ask minimal questions and not stare at the girl whose face is TORE UP from meth use and continually comes to class looking that she just injected it ( I only notice the signs because of"Intervention") but it's hard not to judge. Hopefully, I'll make it through the training and at least be able to tolerate the job. Today i had to listen to a 28 minute phone call from a man of color who continually commented on how DirecTV is the reason Beyonce has so much money and "why can't we take from Beyonce to feed the poor?" (Direct words) At this point i tried not to be racist but after he said Tina fifty trillion times in a row, all i could think about was Mason asking if he could have some mike n ikes. ( *Grace Kelley, grace Kelley grace Kelley) I guess all i really wrote this for was to vent about the current job situation, but I'm sure it will work out. For anyone who has direcTV and calls into customer service if you happen to hear, "Thank you for calling DirecTV, this is Courtney. How may i help you? " please be advised that it may be me and proceed with kindness (please!)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day I Married my Best Friend

Well, we sealed the deal..FINALLY!!! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day. The Temple was absolutely gorgeous and even though Bakersfield was fog central, Los Angeles was a spectacular 75 degrees. I was so grateful for my family that was able to come. Being married in the Temple was the most amazing day ever and having my family there made it even better. I don't think i have ever in my life been filled with such sheer happiness and I am so thankful for everyone who made it happen. Non of this could have happened without my mom and i am eternally grateful for all the hard work she put into the wedding. It was gorgeous and she did sooo much to put it all together. Also her Young Women's presidency put the reception together and I have never been to a reception that looked so gorgeous, i know i am probably bias but seriously, it was BEAUTIFUL. I probably should stop this post because it's sounding like but it was the best day of my life and i got to marry my best friend for eternity. Thank you everyone who helped! I am so grateful for all of you.

Love you all,
Mrs. Orton

Monday, January 5, 2009

Murphy's Law

Because there's a wedding, because it's mine and because it's this week, this law of "anything that can go wrong, will" definitely has played a huge part. Let's start from the top shall we? ( You might want to grab some popcorn, tissues, or go to the bathroom before you read this, depending on your mood) It's September and Brigham has asked me to marry him. I of course, said yes and the hell began. I swore not to be a Bridezilla, but alas, one who tells themselves not to become something usually does. I couldn't decide what invites i wanted and was so nervous to create my own. Finally i broke down and ordered the once I designed and they turned out great, but i was more than three weeks behind schedule. I sent out most as fast as i could and i told myself that the ones i didn't get too, i would try to get to as soon as possible. Well, its a week before the wedding and i still have some to send out. Next, with all the excitement of getting married comes the responsibility of figuring out how to do that. " We need to set a time at the Temple" says my mom. Well i call and they need my recommend number. that Sunday I go to see the Bishop. Great. Bishop recommend done...Stake presidents out of town. OK wait one more week then. Next Sunday....Stake president has broke his back and won't be here for interviews. GREAT! Counselor to Stake President calls and conforms it A-OK to give me interview. Sweet, i now have my recommend needed to set the time for our sealing. Cancel that, Temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning. Date reopening: January 6th. That's five days before I'm supposed to get married. Luckily for me, no other Procrastinating Bride can get a time either. In order to get married you also need a marriage license. OK...not a problem,. Give them some blood, sign a paper. Oh, there's no more blood tests..nice. Oh wait....we have to do it in person with the groom to be?? The groom who is in Idaho and won't be here until three days before our wedding? WHAT? you need government issued photo ids?? Brigham says this is not a problem..Courtney says that a week before she moved back to California she had her car broken into and her wallet with all her ID stolen. (insert the flood of moses size tears) Call DMV and in the hoity toitiest of voices i hear "Oh we don't do picture ID receipts and it takes up to 60 days to get your license in the mail." (insert emotional breakdown) Mom to the rescue- calls Kern County Clerks office and they will take my school id. Brigham can't find it. Call LDSBC for replacement. "We don't keep those photos on hand" (insert blank stare) "Look in your car" says the groom to be. The car that i decided had enough gas to make it to the gas station before i had to babysit. Mom to the rescue AGAIN! So now i sit here, contemplating how to get a picture ID or how to forge some type of government issued Photograph. I don't recall knowing anyone in the black market business, but I'm seriously thinking about calling people who might. Also wondering how long my mom is going to take this before she comes to the breaking point of just telling her unorganized irresponsible daughter to figure it out myself and then having to tell Brigham that we can't even elope because I DON'T HAVE IDENTIFICATION!!!! (Insert tear streaked, emotionally exhausted Bridezilla) Hopefully i will get married on Saturday, PRAY i can get married on Saturday. And no, seriously...if you know someone who can get me a Government Issued Photo ID...just let me know ASAP! Thanks (insert pleading and begging for some type of help from soemone above)