Thursday, January 17, 2008

"a cool teenager"

Things are getting pretty busy. I've started school and this will be my last semester at good ol' LDSBC. I have applied to the University of Utah and am waiting to hear from them. I am so nervous. I have also decided to move home in April. I graduate April 10th and my last day at work is April 11th. Hopefully this is a good decision, but we will see. I'll head back in the fall if i get into the U. Work is great, school is great and it feels good to be back in a routine. It was so fun being home for Christmas and seeing everyone. On Saturday i turn twenty. 'blegh" For some reason i feel like at 19 life is easier, you can get away with more and in Aunt Elaine's words I'm still a "cool teenager" why can't i still be a cool twenty year old???? sad to think that no longer will i be considered "cool" I'll have to think of something clever to become. maybe a thrifty twenty year old?? (ha ha..right) or a tubular twenty year old. either sounds dull but I'm sure I'll manage. well...back to class. hope everyone's doing great!!