Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Facts in My Exciting Life

well life is crazy right now with finals and the Christmas Season. I finally checked my blog after all that has happened, thanksgiving at home, Grandma and Grandpa leaving, school and work. I saw i got tagged so here are some facts about me tat maybe you didn't know..or maybe you did..i pretty much am an open book, but here goes.
1. I scream Les Miserables everyday in my car to work. (people usually just laugh at me)
2. I write down everything i have to do each. it's kind of OCD"ish"
3. One time i got something in the mail for Miss. Utah. i signed up as a joke with my roommates but then i realized i wasn't a resident of utah and have no talents to speak of. (the beauty part i would of had to problem with..haha..riight.) secretly, i think it would have been fun.
4. i shave my legs everyday in the shower WITHOUT fail
5. i don't have any tolerance for pain..it's pretty pathetic
6. i sing opera daily and i'm good..as Mason about the Star Spangled Banner.
I love how Jaime put up what jobs she has had. It made me laugh thinking of the jobs i have had. So if you didn't know..here ya go.
1. Candy Boxes..mostly i got out of it by babysitting though.
2. Sonic- i loved this job. i was the only non-criminal/drug rehab worker there, so they liked me.
3. Nanny for the Bursells. I loved the Kids.....
4. Build a Bear Workshop. I worked there for a year. It was fun but i got sick of it really quick.
5. Nanny for Aldritts-The Most wonderful job.
6. State Farm Insurance- I begged my mom everyday not to make me go
7. The Inn at Temple Square- I loved this job. i worked at the restaurant Passages and i made great money with tips and worked out everyday. (the kitchen was downstairs, so we had to carry the trays up and down stairs all day..it was great!!) They closed down and i watched it being torn down this year. It was really sad.
8. Discover Card- good money, horrible job
9. Challenger Schools- i work with third graders everyday after school and love going to work.
10. College Student- everyone keeps telling me it's my job right now and i do enjoy it, but i'm ready for something new.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pay it Forward!!

Well, for once in my life i won something!!! I am so excited! Thanks so much Aunt Jaime! I guess this means that it's my turn!! Ok everyone..you have until November 7th to post a comment and win! Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just another manic..tuesday??

Conference was great! I had such a good time being in Salt Lake and seeing thousands of people in downtown Salt Lake. Nothing much is happening. Schools going and work is great. I love where i work. It's Challenger School, an academic private school. I work with third graders in the after school program and they are so fun. It's nice wanting to go to work everyday, unlike some other horrific job. (Discover card) They always make me laugh. We were playing charades the other day and one of the boys, Dominic, came up to pull out a slip of paper and he got "Bambi" He looked me straight in the face and with complete seriousness he said "That wimpy deer?" I was laughing so hard. He can;t say his 'r's right and so the way he said it made me lose it. I could not stop laughing. It's so nice because things like this happen everyday. I always come home with a story and a smile. Quite relieving i must say. This weekend Brigham's brother gets married so we have a lot to do. It's going to be fun.
The weather is so weird here. It will be nice like in the 70's and then it will start snowing. I am constantly trying to figure out what to wear. I've learned to always keep a jacket in the car.
well this is really just an update i guess...school's good, work's good, Utah's good. I really really miss home like crazy!! (like a lot!!) Other than not, not much is happening. I get to come home for Christmas, so that's exciting!! I miss you all!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Update and General Conference

so nothing really is happening lately. Brigham's brother gets married next weekend and we get to go to Idaho again for that. I am making their sign-in book like a scrap book so if anyone knows any good scrapbooking websites...let me know!! ( i need some serious help, i only have a week left. I'll post pictures soon) Also next week I get to go to two mission reunions, I'm assuming it's better than a High School Reunion. School is going okay, sometimes(all the time) i wish i was done and i could finally get the job i want. I'll be done with my associates next semester which is good and i hope I can finally come home for summer!!
Anyway, the reason i wrote today was mainly because General Conference is this weekend. general Conference to me always used to be a break from church. I could watch tv in my pajamas and finish homework i needed to do. Moving to Salt Lake has completely changed my view of General Conference. Last year i got to attend Sunday Sessions and be around thousands of members of the church. It was an amazing experience. The best/worst part of it was coming out and going into the conference building. I was so upset seeing the people screaming profanities about the gospel. I was so upset, so angry. I wanted to scream back at all these people saying horrible things about the prophet, the church, the "Mormons." When i thought I was going to lose it, i heard bagpipes playing church music. I looked around and saw a man standing by one of these horrible sign holders, playing "Praise to the Man," with his bagpipes, fully clothed in his Scottish garb(?) I couldn't help but calm down and while trying to not cry, thank him for what he was doing. He just smiled and kept on playing, the whole time drowning out the sounds of the horrible people. When they tried to yell louder, he played louder. It was an amazing sight to see.
I am so thankful to live where i do. To have the opportunity to drive by the Temple everyday. The other day, while driving in the car, I was stopped right in front of the Temple and i thought to myself, i really take for granted living here. there are historical church sites all around me, i see the Temple, Conference Center and other sites everyday. It's beautiful and i love living here. (I never thought I would say i love living in Utah)
I'm excited for conference, I didn't get tickets this year, but i will be out there. General Conference is different for me know. There is so much good that comes from what our leaders say. Well, i should probably get back to class(sorry mom :) ) Love you all!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

idaho..four weeks later

So i got to go on a great adventure this summer before school started. Well, not so much an adventure but a vacation that was much needed. Brigham and I went to Idaho to paint his picket fence out front(yes..i know) and then we got to spend five glorious days doing absolutely nothing. except for Brigham reminds me a lot of my Grandpa Nichols in the sense that wherever we went, he knew somebody or a certain site or land mark and he HAD to tell me ALL about it. It was quite amusing and I sat there smiling and listening quietly, a much harder task than you might think for myself. :) Early one morning he decided that I had been grossly deprived in my childhood by not being able to visit Yellowstone National Park, so we woke up and left. He had a map and a hidden agenda and I had a grumpy mood(it was seven, so early for summer vacation) and disgusting hair(by the way, the weather in Idaho..so not fun)
We drove for two hours and pulled up into none other than BEAR WORLD!!! yes, there is a place in Idaho, (only in Idaho, may i add) called Bear World. At Bear World you get to drive around in your car in an enclosed area where various animals walk around, including Bears. It was a little scary, but fun at the same time. We saw so many animals; bears, wolves, buffalo, deer, goats, and Moosen(Brian Reagan anyone??)
The most fun part was getting to pet the deer and nasty little goats and feeding the cubs. They said feeding the cubs was a once in the lifetime opportunity so i learned that "Once in a lifetime opportunities" cost a lot of money!!! But i was worth it, i got to feed little bears with lambs milk out of a bottle.
Other than that fun trip, we got to spend time with his family, which was really nice. I am learning so much about how important picking a spouse is.(Not that i am getting married soon!!) but i never realized how much goes into picking one. One of the biggest decision making factors i am finding is their family. I am thankful that whomever i marry gets to be in such an amazing family. A little overwhelming at first, but amazing.
I also got to go to education week with my mom this year. It was so exciting to see her, i miss my family so much, and spending time with her was great. Classes were much better appreciated this year. i wasn't looking to catch a date or go to youth classes where all the boys were, (although every year I was very successful in doing so. haha!) i got to attend classes with my mom. It was a great experience. We also got to spend time with Matthew and Leslie and thir family. I adore that family and love going to see them. Grandma and Grandpa were there also and it was nice to get to see them one more time before they leave.
Well, this is way long and i am supposed to be listening to my Music and Culture teacher, so better sign off for now. I'll post the pictures next! Love you all!!
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My week

This week was way exciting. grandma and grandpa got their mission call(which was hilarious hearing everyone scream about over speaker), one of my really good friends got engaged and i get to be in the wedding (all my friends are getting married, but i'm sticking it out haha) and it was the last week of summer school at the elementary i work at.(i love working there but i was way grateful for that day!!) Next week i get to FINALLY take a vacation. I am going up to idaho for the week and painting a fence??? and then camping in Yellowstone. I am so excited to get away for a week and just relax instead of talking on the phones all day and teaching second graders prepositional phrases. Hopefull it will be a great week! i'll post pictures soon!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

So I decided to hop on the badwagon and join the site to keep up with my growing family. Being here away from you all is hard, but this is a way nice way to keep up and check up!