Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks for calling DirectTV, How can i help you?

Pocatello is currently 28 degrees, Snow is on the ground and I have finished one week of training for CONVERGYS. Why someone invented call centers...i don't know. I hate calling those places because the people are retarded and it takes years to get through. Now..because of the current economic slummpage, I get to be one of the ever so friendly and helpful customer service representatives. I used to think..they could never pay me enough to do that..well, bite my tongue and since no one else is paying ANYTHING..I am working for Convergys who is hired by DirecTV and get to help people sign up for DirecTV, billing questions, order PPV, and every so often enjoy the ranting and raving of the human being at it's finest. I feel lucky to have a job, because it is so hard to find one here, but the people that work there are definitely not the cream of the crop. I try hard just to sit through the training without getting noticed and ask minimal questions and not stare at the girl whose face is TORE UP from meth use and continually comes to class looking that she just injected it ( I only notice the signs because of"Intervention") but it's hard not to judge. Hopefully, I'll make it through the training and at least be able to tolerate the job. Today i had to listen to a 28 minute phone call from a man of color who continually commented on how DirecTV is the reason Beyonce has so much money and "why can't we take from Beyonce to feed the poor?" (Direct words) At this point i tried not to be racist but after he said Tina fifty trillion times in a row, all i could think about was Mason asking if he could have some mike n ikes. ( *Grace Kelley, grace Kelley grace Kelley) I guess all i really wrote this for was to vent about the current job situation, but I'm sure it will work out. For anyone who has direcTV and calls into customer service if you happen to hear, "Thank you for calling DirecTV, this is Courtney. How may i help you? " please be advised that it may be me and proceed with kindness (please!)