Sunday, June 14, 2009

i said i loved you, but i lied

In a day where music consists of lyrics about Poker Faces and Kissing Girls and singers who have no talent whatsoever, I have to say that one thing i am so grateful to my parents for is my taste in music. Not so much now, but back in the day, music was on all the time in our house, but not just any music...this was GOOD music. Music from people like Wilson Philips, Boyz to Men, Toni Braxton and my all time favorite, Michael Bolton. I don't know if it's the hair or the way he sings...but i LOVE this guy. Many won't agree, maybe because of the hair or the way he sings, but listen to his songs once more and i assure you that your hearts will be changed. Lately, i can't help but put in his music and remember our old house and dancing to "When a man loves a Woman, and Time Love and Tenderness" Go now..listen and indulge in some good music.

Some of My Top favorite Artists and their Best Songs(in no particular order)
1. Mariah Carey- Fantasy
2. TLC- Creep
3. Boyz to Men- End of the Road
4. Wilson Philips-release Me
5. Ace of Base- don't turn around
6. Tupac- changes AND Keep Ya head up
7. Donna Lewis- I'll Love you always forever
8. Bone thugs N Harmony- Crossroads
9. Whitney Houston-I will always love you
10. cranberries- dreams

oh there's millions more..but these are just some i thought of..if you know any good ones let me know!

Happy Birthday Candice

Happy birthday to my partner in crime (gay much?) Seriously though...i don't think i would have made it this far without you and although that's not saying much seeing how we are doomed to live in hell least we'll look better than everyone else and know why everyone is there faster than everyone else. So Happy Birthday to you, can't wait to see you and good luck on Jeopardy!!!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!! love you.