Sunday, May 18, 2008

California here i come.

oh my gosh!!!! i cannot stand the excitement i have right now! I am finally GOING HOMEEEEEEE! I am so stoked..six days in the glorious heat and disgusting air i call home. I was always so excited to get away from Bakersfield but i really do miss it. I miss seeing all the "short man syndrome" raised trucks and smelling the cow poop filled air at night. I love walking across the street bare foot to get the mail and pretending it isn't scalding my skin. I love the palm trees and the pools. I love driving to the east side and remembering all the fun times i had over there. I love seeing my high school (has it REALLY been two years since i graduated??) I love coming home..i love my neighborhood, i love my friends, i love seeing my family. I love going to church in Bakersfield...Utah church is sooooo different. I seriously cannot wait...i am already packed and waiting to leave is going to be horrible. I come home Thursday and it really is not soon enough. I feel so ridiculous being this excited but everytime i think of coming home my stomach gets nervous and I want to put everything in the car and just take off. I should probably stop now, i feel a little obsessive, but i don't even care. I am so excited( i should probably find another word to use) Anyway i am ending this, but be excited...COURTNEY'S COMING HOME(along with her friend Brigham) See ya soon.
You Stay Classy Bakersfield

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lame or the cutest thing ever?

Ok so i have this extremely cute boyfriend(i hate that word) who is the sweetest thing ever. He always finds nice things to do for me and i am always grateful for them, but sometimes i take them for granted,and i wish i didn't because yesterday topped them all.
I went to pick him up from work (mothers day was a "no way can you have Sunday off day") and he came out with flowers for me. I thought he worked at three but apparently he had just told me that so he could walk to the flower store to pick up the flowers he ordered. When i asked what they were for he told me "I know today is mothers day, but i just wanted to say how grateful i am for you and how lucky i am that one day you will be the mother of my children." At first i really wanted to laugh because it was SOOOO cheesy,but he isn't much of a talker and knowing that he spent time thinking about exactly what he was going to say made me so thankful for him. I won't be a mom for a long time but it's nice knowing i will be with someone as awesome as him. so there...a little schpeel about Brigham. I know it's bragging a little, but he's great and i adore him.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

10 Things I Love About My Mom

1. I love my mom because she is can accomplish anything. She is an amazing woman and anything she wants she gets. She is a hard worker and i look up to her so much for that. i try everyday to become more like her in that way. i know it's taking a while but i will get there.
2. I love my mom because she is beautiful. I think this is something that no matter how old she gets will ever change. From the time i was way little i remember sitting in church and wishing i could wear high heels like her and smell like my mom. I take such pride in the compliments i receive when people say i look like her.
3. I love my mom because she married my dad. I am thankful everyday to have the parents that i have. They are amazing and they work together as a team. I pray i will love someone as deeply as my mom loves my dad.
4. I love my mom because she is patient. Seven kids is hard, especially her seven. I haven't always been the fact..i think i am the hardest(or so i am told) but she still listens to every sobbing phone call, still gives advice and still loves me no matter what shenanigans i am in.
5. I love my mom because she is funny. I don't think i have met anyone who laughs like my mom, expect for maybe a 90 year old man. It's so funny and she laughs all the time.
6. I love my mom because she is my mom. Out of all the women in the world, i was chosen to go to her. I am so grateful that she was chosen to be my mom, because she's the best.
7. I love my mom because she taught me the gospel. I don't ever remember a time when we didn't go to church. I don't ever remember a time she complained about a calling. She gives the lord her all and i see that everyday. I am grateful for her dedication and for the blessings our family has in our lives because of her.
8. I love my mom because she is such a great example.. In everything she does she teaches me to become better, whether it's money, the church, raising her children or making dinners she teaches me constantly and i love her for that.
9. I love my mom because she is smart. I swear she knows everything..even ask my dad. She is a genius in all areas and i admire that so much.
10. I love my mom because she loves me. even when i think that i could do no more wrong, that i have hit rock bottom she is there to help me pick up the pieces. She has been there through everything, school, boys, trials and so many errors and she still loves me and helps me through them. For this I think I love her most. When I feel like i have no friends in the world i can call my mom and she will always be there.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms, my aunts, my grandma's, my friends and my family, especially my mom. I wouldn't be here without you and i don't think i would make it without you. I love you mom!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Presidency Song

I thought this was so cute and clever. You HAVE to watch it.