Thursday, March 12, 2009 Udaho

thank you urban outfitters for that classy t-shirt saying. Well a little update on our little life. Marriage is great...they say the first year is the hardest and twice as hard if you are pregnant. Thank the lord I'm not. Despite getting used to living together and having to deal with fun newly wed changes such as not touching some one's feet when they are sleeping and learning to cook for someone who's favorite dinner is Hamburger Helper (really?? because I've never had hamburger helper in my life) it's great. We are having lots of fun and i find new things about him every day that i have come to love. Brigham is doing AMAZING is school, which makes both of our lives easier. We are totally different students though. He always seems to have homework and i try to tell him to do your homework in the next class and that classes homework in the class after that, but apparently some people actually listen to college professors. Guess i better jump on that boat (which I'm trying to do asap!) We live in a (insert adjective here)apartment/house/triplex that we are still getting used to since we only have five minutes of hot water per shower and as my dad so kindly put it "anyone who is taller than me is going to have a hard time on that toilet" (you have to sit to the side) but i know it will be great memories, but for now i long for a steaming shower. Especially since it's STILL snowing. come on mother nature...pretty sure we were supposed to have spring three weeks ago. The Idahoans say it gets soooooo hot in the summer(please...90 is not hot) but i also freeze at 60 so there we go. Other than that...despite all my complaining I love being married to Mr. Brigham, but i still sometimes wake up feeling like i am supposed to be back in salt lake and on my way to Challenger. It's funny, but sometimes unnerving. And although i love it here..i cannot WAIT to go to California in two weeks for Leo Carrillo. Brigham is sooo mad that he can't go, but i promised him i would call him every night and let him know how much sun i got. (Hopefully that doesn't jinx me and it rains the whole time) but even if it does, i still will be breathing that Malibu air and i cannot wait!!