Thursday, September 20, 2007

idaho..four weeks later

So i got to go on a great adventure this summer before school started. Well, not so much an adventure but a vacation that was much needed. Brigham and I went to Idaho to paint his picket fence out front(yes..i know) and then we got to spend five glorious days doing absolutely nothing. except for Brigham reminds me a lot of my Grandpa Nichols in the sense that wherever we went, he knew somebody or a certain site or land mark and he HAD to tell me ALL about it. It was quite amusing and I sat there smiling and listening quietly, a much harder task than you might think for myself. :) Early one morning he decided that I had been grossly deprived in my childhood by not being able to visit Yellowstone National Park, so we woke up and left. He had a map and a hidden agenda and I had a grumpy mood(it was seven, so early for summer vacation) and disgusting hair(by the way, the weather in not fun)
We drove for two hours and pulled up into none other than BEAR WORLD!!! yes, there is a place in Idaho, (only in Idaho, may i add) called Bear World. At Bear World you get to drive around in your car in an enclosed area where various animals walk around, including Bears. It was a little scary, but fun at the same time. We saw so many animals; bears, wolves, buffalo, deer, goats, and Moosen(Brian Reagan anyone??)
The most fun part was getting to pet the deer and nasty little goats and feeding the cubs. They said feeding the cubs was a once in the lifetime opportunity so i learned that "Once in a lifetime opportunities" cost a lot of money!!! But i was worth it, i got to feed little bears with lambs milk out of a bottle.
Other than that fun trip, we got to spend time with his family, which was really nice. I am learning so much about how important picking a spouse is.(Not that i am getting married soon!!) but i never realized how much goes into picking one. One of the biggest decision making factors i am finding is their family. I am thankful that whomever i marry gets to be in such an amazing family. A little overwhelming at first, but amazing.
I also got to go to education week with my mom this year. It was so exciting to see her, i miss my family so much, and spending time with her was great. Classes were much better appreciated this year. i wasn't looking to catch a date or go to youth classes where all the boys were, (although every year I was very successful in doing so. haha!) i got to attend classes with my mom. It was a great experience. We also got to spend time with Matthew and Leslie and thir family. I adore that family and love going to see them. Grandma and Grandpa were there also and it was nice to get to see them one more time before they leave.
Well, this is way long and i am supposed to be listening to my Music and Culture teacher, so better sign off for now. I'll post the pictures next! Love you all!!
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