Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Facts in My Exciting Life

well life is crazy right now with finals and the Christmas Season. I finally checked my blog after all that has happened, thanksgiving at home, Grandma and Grandpa leaving, school and work. I saw i got tagged so here are some facts about me tat maybe you didn't know..or maybe you did..i pretty much am an open book, but here goes.
1. I scream Les Miserables everyday in my car to work. (people usually just laugh at me)
2. I write down everything i have to do each. it's kind of OCD"ish"
3. One time i got something in the mail for Miss. Utah. i signed up as a joke with my roommates but then i realized i wasn't a resident of utah and have no talents to speak of. (the beauty part i would of had to problem with..haha..riight.) secretly, i think it would have been fun.
4. i shave my legs everyday in the shower WITHOUT fail
5. i don't have any tolerance for pain..it's pretty pathetic
6. i sing opera daily and i'm good..as Mason about the Star Spangled Banner.
I love how Jaime put up what jobs she has had. It made me laugh thinking of the jobs i have had. So if you didn't know..here ya go.
1. Candy Boxes..mostly i got out of it by babysitting though.
2. Sonic- i loved this job. i was the only non-criminal/drug rehab worker there, so they liked me.
3. Nanny for the Bursells. I loved the Kids.....
4. Build a Bear Workshop. I worked there for a year. It was fun but i got sick of it really quick.
5. Nanny for Aldritts-The Most wonderful job.
6. State Farm Insurance- I begged my mom everyday not to make me go
7. The Inn at Temple Square- I loved this job. i worked at the restaurant Passages and i made great money with tips and worked out everyday. (the kitchen was downstairs, so we had to carry the trays up and down stairs all day..it was great!!) They closed down and i watched it being torn down this year. It was really sad.
8. Discover Card- good money, horrible job
9. Challenger Schools- i work with third graders everyday after school and love going to work.
10. College Student- everyone keeps telling me it's my job right now and i do enjoy it, but i'm ready for something new.