Thursday, March 27, 2008


Spring Fun

Finally, a little time to update. Well i am almost done with school( my associates at least) I graduate april 10th and i am off to the University of Utah. I decided to stay here and take on a nanny job with a family that attends the school i work at. I am very excited and it's going to be a fun summer. I absolutely love my life right now. It's going great and I am VERY pleased to be moving on from LDSBC. Other than school and work, not much is going on here. I am trying to get residency which is a little saddening because claiming California is so much better than Utah( no offense to those that live in the Beehive State) but residency will make college a lot cheaper.

I'm sad i missed the beach. It's something i look forward to every year and I really wanted to go, but instead a couple friends and I decided to visit Las Vegas. It was fun, but after a while it got old. We pretty much just shopped and ate because we don't gamble or drink, so it turned out to be a pretty nice vacation. We rode the Stratosphere rides, which scared me to death. I was so scared of how high we were and thinking about how unsafe amusement rides are. I rode them any way and was on the verge of tears on all three. I love magic mountain and disney land but riding a ride thats already 140 stories high was not my favorite thing.

Well, hopefully next time i'll have something interesting but here's some pictures from vegas and our family's Disneyland trip. Love hearing about everyone so keep on posting (mom and dad)