Sunday, August 16, 2009

i suck at this

With summer coming to a close, school starting, and life starting to get busy i thought i should probably blog about the past couple months before it gets too crazy. Summer has treated our little Orton family well. Brigham took summer school and thankfully passed and I worked at the daycare, spending my days taking kids to the park, movies on tuesday and swimming at the pool. We moved into our adorable new house that we finally got settled into and have spent time with family and friends.
We spent the fourth of July weekend in Oregon for Brig's family reunion and had so much fun meeting new family and hanging out. Truthfully, i was really nervous to go because i didn't know anyone and Brigham hadn't been in forever. We bought a tent at a yard sale..our first tent for $5 and headed out on the eight hour drive. It was my first time to Oregon and it is gorgeous. The only thing i didn't like was having someone pump our gas for us. How much do you tip a guy who slip your card for you and pressed a button? Anyway, the weekend was great and it was nice spending time with Brig's parents and brother Gerrit. We were so excited to use our new tent and when we finally set it up, realized that it's a little too small and so after the Nichols family reunion realized we needed to be in the market for a new one., but all in all, a good trip.
We also got to go to California for the Nichols reunion and Stacie and Zachs wedding. We had so much fun hanging out at the beach, swimming and visiting family. Brigham thought he would get a wetsuit to surf with, but when surfing plans fell out, decided he would just swim in his new suit. My dad told him they are pretty hard to get into, but Brigham had to idea just how difficult it was. After almost a half hour of trying to squeeze into it he gave up and so Logan tried to get it on. Three plastic sacks later the wet suit was on and Brigham's wet suit was no longer his. (of course i took pictures of all of this, how could i miss logan prancing like a girl in a wet suit, but they are all on my parents computer so pics to come later)
On Friday my parents took us to Knottsberry farm with the some of our family and we spent the day riding roller coasters and watching gay magic shows. (sorry krista...they really were) After a couple of really scary rides...i decided that maybe i wasn't such a friend of rides and chickened out on a couple. Brigham of course rode every ride and with no emotion in his face whatsoever says he enjoyed it. As i screamed bloody murder, he just smiled or looked on. Mason and Logan decided to try and scare my mom on every ride and try and jump out of their seats.
Saturday was the wedding and Brigham and i got to go back to the same sealing room that we were sealed in. It was so amzing to go back and remember how we felt that day seven months ago. (it has gone by so fast!) Stacie looked gorgeous and their reception was amazing.
Finally we had to make the trek home, back to work, back to life..but we are looking forward to this school semester and being closer to graduation. It was so fun to see family and friends and can't wait to see everyone again soon!
(and hopefully i can be better at this and maybe learn to use my camera more often)