Sunday, April 19, 2009

Idaho-Life in its Simplest Form

well, not much happening here in Pocatello. Brigham and i spent the week in Blackfoot because his mom was gone and so we stayed to keep his grandma company and watch their adorable puppy Chloe. It was fun to spend time with his grandma and see all the old pictures of brig's mom and family. Also got my fill of fox news for the year. funny though, almost a whole week was spent there and we feel no need for a dog..cable yes..but not a dog. Interesting.

Easter was way fun. Brigham and i got to make dinner and it turned out amazing. I was way impressed with his pineapple ham was good. Also after a week of begging my cousin Ellie to steal a scotcharoo from her mom and having to do a pedicure in a campsite to get a bite of one(this was whole week ordeal with my whole family trying to get her to give one to us. I don't know if we really even wanted one..just wanted to see if she would ever get us one...ok we wanted them) I finally just made them. But alas, not as good as aunt Jaime's. I'm sure the special ingredient of love had something to do with them and how at Leo Carrillo everything tastes amazing, even with a little bit of sand. But easter was good and Brig (and i) got the third season of Arrested Development, props to Candice for finding the best show ever on sale. got to love target. we are way sad the shows over, but Lost will pull us through.

I also got to go see a play with my friend Stephani last night called, "power in his Touch." It was about the life of Christ, tied in with the whole story of the woman in the temple. you know the line, "ye who are free of sin shall cast the first stone." It was interesting to see her whole story and the music was so good. Also super nice to have friends in this new place! Thanks Steph!

Well, Brig is almost done with this semester, about two weeks to go and he is doing great! He says it's really hard, but he is so good at doing all his homework and studying for tests(so not like his wife) He has the great opportunity to go to summer school this semester(hoping he will read this and feel that way:)) and then after that, just two more semesters until graduation! Crazy, but it will be interesting to see where we will be.

Lot's of summer reunions this summer, so hopefully we will see you all soon, but between both sides of my family and brigham's family reunion, we will see what happens. Busy summer, busy lives, but we love it. Love you all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh the joys of sisterhood. the above title...although not the jaw dropping heading my sister challenged me too, is the name that shows up when my partner in crime(leo carrillo wedding anyone??) sister calls. It used to read something much worse which i am afraid to write due to family members that read this, but lets just say it rivals any she can come up with ( i know unfair right..if you really want to know..message me) but one day she called and my mom saw and flipped and told me "i had to change it right away" thus the new phonebook name and title "momsaysihaveto." while thinking of all the shocking headers i could put i found myself laughing at all the things my sister and i have done, said, and been ashamed of together. She taught me so many things growing up like how to use words correctly..look up the meaning of "peruse" people, to love books, especially ones that include claudia, stacey and other babysitters, to always be beautiful and to always enjoy a good gossip fest. (seriously...there is nothing wrong with it, don't hate) i miss her tons and was so glad to spend a whole week with her and the rest of my family. She's the most gorgeous person i have ever met. she's so incredibly smart and talented and strong. I admire her so much and although I know she sometimes gets annoyed with the calls i make late at night and all the "loves of my life" i had to tell her in detail about, i know she's always their to lend a listening ear and sometimes when my mom has her back turned..a middle finger to set me straight.

your real A sister for life