Saturday, December 1, 2012

And a Year later...

Sad to say that the only reason I am updating this blog is because I have to for a Computer assignment. I really need to be better about this! Although it seems like everyone has Facebook now and posting one picture is much less time consuming than posting a whole blog story!
Life is good in Pocatello, Idaho. We actually now live in a little town outside of Pocatello called Chubbuck. Silly name, i know. Both Brigham and I are going to school. Brigham is almost done with his business management degree and will hopefully be graduating soon. FINALLY! I still have a while i the education program, but better late then never right? Our little Miss London is our pride and joy and we think she is the smartest, sassiest, cutest kid on the planet. She makes us laugh on a daily basis and loves being the center of attention. She will be two in January (where did those last two years go?) Maybe one day she will have a brother or sister, but for now we are enjoying the heck out of her. Our life is a good one and we are grateful for forever families. I promise to be better about posting here and keeping everyone updated on our ultra exciting lives! ;)