Sunday, September 19, 2010

For a Fancy Five Year Old

Happy Birthday to my lovely Talia. I cannot believe she was born five years ago. She is such an amazing little girl and her Aunt Courtney and Uncle Brigham adore her. (seriously how could you not. Look at the girl) We are sad we can't be there for her birthday but know she will have tons of fun. Love you Miss Talia.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life is good

I can't believe how long it has been since i have posted something on here. So much has happened in our little family of two. i can't even think where to start.

Brigham graduated from school. (or so we thought) and so we after much prayer and no answers we decided to move to Bakersfield so better our chances of getting a job in California. Little did we know we would find out our answer AFTER we moved. Everyone was amazing and we always had a place to stay. When we couldn't find a job and Bakersfield was getting the best of us, we decided to turn again to prayer. Soon, we found out Brigham had never really graduated, he was missing an English class. (we found out later that many people in his class had this happen to them..annoying) So we decided that we would go back to Idaho.

I was so upset and was not ready for that. But when we both got our jobs back and a house within weeks of each other we knew our prayers were answered and it was just a different answer than we had expected. So after a fun filled summer in Bakersfield with family and friends we have moved BACK to Pocatello and Brigham is finishing up some general classes this semester before hopefully entering the engineering program in January.

If things couldn't get any crazier, we found out in May we were going to add a little one to our plans. We were so excited and it was the hardest thing ever not to tell right away. But we held out and were so relieved to finally tell everyone.

Our Little Miss London will be arriving in January. Due date is January 4th but if I'm anything like the rest of my family we will add a couple weeks to that. We are so excited and our house is filled with pink. We already adore this little girl and can't wait to meet her.

We have been blessed so much these past couple of months. At times we are overwhelmed with how things turn out for us. We know it is through prayer and through doing whats right that we are being blessed. I can't even put into words how happy we are.

Although we didn't end up where we expected, where we are is right where we are supposed to be. I have an amazing life. A sweet husband, a loving family and soon it will all get even better. Life is good.