Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Nanny Diaries

You know you need to update your blog when your sister who NEVER does tells you that you need too. Truly, not much is happening in Salt Lake. I currently have a nanny job that is killing me. I never understand why i do this. I think it will be fun to spend time with kids all summer and go to the pool and play but really i end up raising bratty children who have no sense of discipline or structure. Well, can't quit now. At least it's a poster job for birth control. I probably should learn to get a real job, but alas calling centers and retail are just not for me. Maybe i am lazy, or maybe i don't feel like dealing with people and their crap. A SNL skit pops into my mind that i will have to post. I believe this skit should be shown every other commercial on every channel. Our country would do good to listen to it. Other than that my life is full of boredom, i continue to watch Lingo and Let's make a deal daily and promise myself i will work out, but Monty and Chuck are way better than any work out video or gym. Maybe i should learn to work out whilst watching my new found loves. I haven't bought groceries all summer and i finally made dinner two days ago. (wow...that's pathetic. thank you top ramen and cup of soup) Brigham got accepted into his Laser Optics program and so he will be moving to Idaho in august. I will stay in Salt Lake until January when i will be moving back home to California. Lots of changes but they will be good for everyone. Right now i am trying to find a place for Brig to live and for me to store all my crap in. Seriously, how can i accumulate so much stuff in a matter of years. It really is ridiculous. (I just reread his blog and i apologize for how mundane and unexciting it must sound) Bear with me, today i had poop in a bathing suit and a four year old screaming at me because i wouldn't let her feed her doll milk from her cereal bowl. (kill myself) I really do feel for Scarlett Johannsen and her nannying escapades. (Please see Blog Post Title) Well for now this is all i have. Congratulations to my beautiful sister Nicole on having her precious baby boy. (Can we get a name though anytime soon) If anyone knows anyone coming to Bakersfield from Utah or going home to Bakersfield from Utah let me know. I am in need of some Bakersfield air.